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Drone Video Editing & Production Services In New Jersey

AdiOps has a in house team of expert drone video editors who have the software skills and knowledge needed to edit and produce video projects. More importantly they have the ability to communicate with clients to understand the needs so we can deliver on expectations. 


Drone Video Editing Services

AdiOps provides complete end to end solution including drone video editing services. Our experts specialize in providing each of the services and are equipped with unique skillsets with years of experience in delivering flawless edited drone videos, including;

Shots-Sequencing- AdiOps can sequence the raw video by assessing all the shots and placing them in a sequence in chronological order. We can create a storyboard or use other sequencing methods customized and created as per the requirements of the captured drone video footage.

Removing Undesired Video Footage- AdiOps can remove drone footage that is not  relevant, ensuring that every second of the drone video comprises of the important and significant scenes, and makes complete sense.


Aerial Footage Stabilization- Drone videos that are shot in unstable weather conditions can affected the quality of the video. Our drone video editors can adjust the scene by scene of the footage to deliver a balanced drone video that is of high-quality.


Color Correction and Adjustment- Videos captured using drones in unpredictable weather and atmospheric conditions are not always color-balanced or appealing. Adjustments can be made to correct color conditions, brightness, and clarity adding a great deal of appeal to the videos.


Additional Audio and Video Effects- Our video drone production services offer the client's the ability to add voiceovers, captions, soundtracks and other appealing effects.


Our team of video editors follow a streamlined process for video production to deliver professional, high-grade drone videos. Various software professionals that specialize in specific editing services work together and follow a defined, step-by-step approach to cater to the customer needs without any inconsistencies or compromise in the quality of the final drone videos. The following is the process we follow in the production and editing phase of drone videos.


1. Discuss and Spec Out The Scope of Project- We meet and review the drone video editing requirements. Our planning and management team review the timeframe, flow of work, plan of action, resources, costs involved, etc. and communicate the process, costs, and everything involving the video project.


2. Receive Order- After communicating and discussing the scope of work with the customer and seeking their final approval, we progress to the second step.


3. Production & Editing Phase- Expert video editors begin editing the drone video received, making all the changes as per requirements. We utilize the latest software for precise video editing, ensuring we miss nothing.

4. Feedback From The Client- After the initial editing process, we seek customers feedback to confirm if the edited drone video fulfills the client's expectations. If so, we send the edited drone video file to the client. If not, we follow the next step.

5. Reviewing Production Edits- After we receive the client's feedback concerning changes that are to be made, we fine tune the edits with precision within the given timeframe.

6. Sharing the Deliverables- After making the final edits, we send the edited drone video to the client via Dropbox or a secure FTP.

We Leverage The Best Drone Video Editing and Production Tools

We utilize the best drone video editing software and tools that promise ultra high-quality videos with an array of editing options. 

Videos and other media can be embedded into your website, landing pages, online collateral to showcase your brand’s story. Our video marketing solutions help drive viewers to your target audience whether customers, prospects, the media, your followers.

AdiOps drone video production and editing services can turn raw footage filmed during your video drone shoot into a beautiful finished product you can share with your customers, family, investors, the press.

Drone Video Editing & Production Services In New Jersey
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