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FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions About Aerial Drone Inspection Operators & Photography Services


What is Aerial Drone Inspection Operators & Photography Services? 

We offer aerial drone imaging, video and photography services through use of new and cutting-edge technology: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) also known as DRONES. Our experience and technology provide our clients an unparalleled way to capture breath taken images that could not be possible in the past.

What is the cost for a drone shoot?

Due to many variables such as location, type of footage, production, equipment, and post-production techniques, it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Our competitive rates start at $100/hr. Please contact us for initial consultation on our contact page or call 732-598-7811.

What is your turnaround time for drone service photography and videos?

We think it’s great when clients give us a one week notice prior to a shoot; however, we often aren’t afforded that much time and are happy to help you more quickly if you need it. We can deliver edited still photos within 24 hours following the time of the shoot.

How will I get my aerial imagery files?

For most projects, we will deliver edited digital photos to you via Google Drive within 24 hours following the completion of the shoot. If your project requires additional post-processing work including mapping, video editing, or image stitching, delivery time can take several days. You will receive an email that includes a link to your online photo gallery where you can download all of these files to a local device.

What does a typical drone mission day consist of?

As soon as we get to location we setup and initiate our flight readiness and safety checks. Once safety checks are complete we work closely with you to create a comprehensive flight plan that will allow us to capture best possible shots. During the flight you will have the ability to monitor real-time video feed through our state-of-the-art wireless video system and communicate with operator to fine-tune the shot.

Do I need to be on-site for the drone shoot?

It is typically not necessary for you to be on-site for the shoot; however, you are welcome to join us if you feel it will be beneficial. Our pilots are trained professionals and can capture high-quality imagery in just about any setting.


Please note that if you do opt to join us on the drone shoot, scheduling times might be delayed as this will have to be coordinated with multiple parties. We will share our project intake form with you prior to scheduling the project. This form allows you to describe your preferences, goals, and objectives in full detail. Most of our clients choose to communicate online or over the phone.

What kind of weather would be best for the drone shoot?

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish and your personal preferences. For marketing photos, many professionals prefer partly cloudy weather because of the abundant sunlight along with just enough clouds in the sky to display texture in the drone photos and videos. Generally speaking we can operate safely in winds of up to 15+ mph and no precipitation.

I was told this location is too close to an airport. Can you fly a drone near NJ airports?

It depends. Although it is true there are some New Jersey locations and areas that are either off-limits or have additional height restrictions, we can fly drones near, or even at, most airports if we can obtain the necessary legal permission. Please see our post on airspace classifications for more information.

If you are unsure of the viability of a particular drone shoot location, send us an email or give us a call. We're happy to help take a look!

Can you fly at night?

Yes. AdiOps has a special waiver from the FAA to fly at night. However it requires proper planning and strict adherence to FAA regulations to conduct safe operations.


Can you operate in New York City?

No. And currently no commercial drone company can operate legally in all 5 boroughs of New York City, despite the videos you see on You-Tube or what others may say. Conducting illegal flight operations in NYC can lead to expensive fines. See for more info.

How High Can Aerial Drone Inspection Operators & Photography Services UAV Fly?

Our operational altitude is limited to 400 feet based on FAA regulation and safety reasons.


We love creativity and we love the art of photography. We are also technology geeks.. By combining our passions we are able to do what we love and provide our clients with amazing and breathtaking results!

How do I get started? Click Here to get started.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions About Aerial Drone Inspection Operators & Photography Services
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